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Out of Office setup MS Outlook

1. MS Outook 2010

1.1. Set out of office with Out of Office Assistant using Exchange Account

If you are using an Exchange account, you can auto reply a specified message for the received emails with setting the Out of Office Assistant while you are away.

Please do as follows:


1. Click File button in the upper-left corner in outlook 2010, and click Info > Automatic Replies, see screenshot:



Note: If you do not see this Automatic Replies option, your outlook have not connected to an Exchange Server

2. In the Automatic Replies dialog box, select the Send automatic replies:

(1.) Check the Only send during this time range, and then specify the Start time and End time you need to auto reply the message.

(2.) Then type your message at the space box.


Click OK to activate the out of office message.


3. If you want to send auto-reply message to external senders, click on the Outside My Organization tab and check the Auto-reply to people outside my organization option. See screenshot:


Click OK to save Out of Office message.



2. MS Outlook 2013

2.1. Exchange - Setup Auto-reply in Outlook 2013

If you would like to set up Outlook 2013 to automatically send out of office messages while you are away from the office,
follow the directions

Step 1


Open Microsoft Outlook. Click the File tab. Click the Automatic Replies(Out of Office) button.


Step 2

Click the Send Out of Office auto-replies button.



Step 3



Check the Only send during this time range box. Next enter a Start and End time in the box as seen below.


Step 4

In the Inside My Organization tab insert the message you wish to be sent out.


Step 5

In the Outside My Organization tab insert the message you wish to be sent out to people outside of your organization.

Step 6

Click OK

When you have returned, repeat step 1 and then select Do not Send Out of Office auto-replies.






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