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Mitel Phone General

Mitel Phone training information.

1. Mitel Phone General

1.1. General User Guides (PDF)

General phone use and voice mail use information is available in the attached PDF guides.

1.2. Connecting your phone at home office (video)

This video explains how to connect a phone at home.

1.3. Phone Login and Logout (Hot Desk)

1.4. Mitel Voice Mail initial setup (video)

Mitel phone setup your voicemail.
At any point in time, you can change the greeting. Just enter your voicemail using the envelope button. when promped enter 8 for user settings and 4 for greeting.

1.5. Mitel Change voicemail greeting (video)

In this video I demonstrate how to make changes to your greeting.
Start with the envelope key, then go to user settings (8) and Greeting (4).

1.6. Mitel make a call (video)

In this video you will learn how to make an internal or external call.

1.7. Mitel Call Transfer (video)

How to answer and transfer a call, how to conference in a 3rd party.

1.8. Mitel MiCollab Software - Presence and Chat (video)

In this video you will learn about the basic functions of the MiCollab application.

Note the desktop icon looks a little different than what is in the video, it looks like this now.


1.9. Classroom Training Materials

From the training sessions.  Phone button reference and voicemail guide.

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