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Information regarding use of GDS systems

1. BBD Booking Builder Desktop

1.1. Enabling Add On

BBD is an Internet Explorer add-on. When the browser is upgraded or reset then we need to check to see if the add-on is enabled.


Step 1 click on Tools

Step 2 scroll down to Manage Add-ons

Step 3/4 scroll down till you can see the Bookingbuilder add-on

Step 5 highlight the add-on and check the status

Step 6 if disabled click enable

Step 7 click close ..then close and reopen the browser.


GDS Tips and Tricks

1. Worldview Travel Apollo Scripts Tips


NOTE:  Before beginning with the Apollo scripts you must link to the printer.  (see Apollo Ghost Printer Set-Up document).

   Also, please note you will manually queue the PNR to your queue, as the WVT scripts do not automatically queue them.


Airline Ticketing   Build PNR with flights, client info, etc and end record.  PNR must have a phone number, address field and T-AN with client's phone number

          (T-AN3367312051) When ready to issue ticket, run "Service Fee" script and insert the amount of fee and form of payment, proceed to ticket using

          HB: format.  To send invoice to clients you can use the Relay/Capture process and send via e-mail or in a MS Word document or give them the link for viewing

   online at ViewTrip -  http://viewtrip.com

          Format to enter DSS info -     []:3SSRDOCSXXHK1/N1/////03JUN49/M//JONES/ALLEN/GRAY

   (XX = airline code)



Car/Hotel       Use this script to enter manual car/hotel booked via phone.   For Car/Hotel pnrs, enter  HBSNONE/DIDAD to send thru to back office.

Consolidators  If Consolidator air is booked, this script will enter the information for vendor used and flight information for your client. 

On consolidator air use HBSNONE/DIDAD to send thru to back office.

Cruise/Tour    These scripts will enter your cruise or tour information for your clients.  Use format HBSNONE/DIDAD to send thru to back office. 

You can use the Relay/Capture process (changing the format to Itinerary Only) to send invoice information to clients via e-mail or a word document. 

Insurance      Use for third party insurance is booked, to create an invoice for clients and add accounting lines for back office.  Use HBSNONE/DIDAD format to send thru.

International Rmks/Timatic    Displays the Timatic table for assistance with passport, and/or visa requirements per destination.

Leisure Shopper   This script is used if cruise or tour was booked via Leisure Shopper in Apollo. Payment information is entered here.

Other/Misc    This script is used for invoicing Gift Certificates and Visas.

Payment       Use this script for adding additional payments on an existing pnr.  Ie...build original

                    PNR for deposit invoice using cruise or tour script.  Use this script on existing PNR and invoice the final payment invoice.

PNR Documentation (Internal)   This script allows you to easily put notes in a PNR for yourself or another agent's PNR if you take a call from their client along

                    with  a date, time and name.

Rail Invoice   This is used to insert Amtrak or Rail Europe rail information and accounting lines.

Service Fee   To issue a service fee in conjunction with an airline ticket, build PNR with flights, client info, etc. end and retrieve the PNR and run the service

                    fee script before issuing airline ticket using HB: format.

                    To issue a service fee after the ticket has been issued, go into the pnr, run the Service fee script and once the MCO document number

                    has gone thru, you now need to send thru the invoice using the format - HBSNONE/DIDAD.


                   To issue a stand alone service fee such as a leisure "planning fee",  build your basic PNR, enter a tour segment stating the reason

                   for the fee, run the service fee script and after the MCO document number has gone thru, now you send thru the invoice

                   using the HBSNONE/DIDAD format.  (if issuing a service fee on a cruise or tour after invoicing, do not remove the MS lines within the pnr).


                   FORMAT for TUR segment:  0TURZZBK1ORD28FEB-**  FREEFORM TEXT        **

Add Retention Segment  Quickly adds a retention segment to your PNR



2. Sabre Vacations Canada is no longer working, redirected to sabrevacations.com online

When agents having difficulty accessing the hotel only booking area within the sabre vacations Canada module. And the hotel booking portion of Sabre Vacations Canada is not working or agents are being directed  to book this on the sabrevacations.com online site, usernames and passwords are not working.

This is a known issue that occurs in Sabre Red Workspace. The workaround is to use Sabre Vacations Canada from the web; you can access it by going to https://sabrevacations.sabre.com, select Canada-ITC and login using the Sabre credentials as if you were accessing Sabre Red Workspace. If prompted, after that use the Sabre Vacations Canada credentials to access the tool; you should be able to work in Hotel Only bookings normally.

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